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Close contacts and/or collaboration with several national and international institutions and associations have been established.

  • Regulatory Bodies and Competent Authorities
    Active exchange regarding existing regulations and involvement in amendments and development of new regulations based on experiences and need of for applicable and practical regulations.
  • Industry
    Mutual exchange of information on developments and changes in the market, the technology and legislation with the aim to adapt jointly procedures and processes in the transport and supply chain where necessary.
    Mutual efforts to inform the public about the need to produce and transport radioactive material, explain the benefits and the use of radioactive materials in medicine.
  • Research Institutes and Hospitals
    Support in the development of logistic solutions for the storage, handling and transport of Radioactive Isotopes.
  • Hosting and organization of symposia on medical isotopes in close collaboration with ISMERAD (International Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes), different stake holders and industry partners.


Cooperation and collaboration have been established with the following organizations but not limited:

  • NMEU (Nuclear Medicine Europe)
  • EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine)
  • IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
  • European Commission
  • Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK.CEN
  • National and international regulatory bodies