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Isotopes Services International (ISI) is a very dedicated company in the niche market which is the global transport and distribution of radioactive materials, refrigerated diagnostics, cell cultures and membranes. Some customers of ISI are located in the USA where these companies manufacture radioactive products which are used in both medical healthcare and industry.

ISI has a partnership with SDV a dedicated freight forwarder. A special team of ISI/SDV agents are working in-house at the ISI warehouse in order to provide solutions for a dedicated service of air and road shipments in a very tight schedule for delivering time sensitive products to customers across the world.

ISI is offering a 100 % committed full service for both inbound and outbound air shipments and road distribution. We also guarantee a cold distribution chain from storage in refrigerators or ultra freezers to a temperature controlled distribution with refrigerated trucks. The handling and transport of deeply frozen products using cryogenic liquids is a completely controlled in-house ISI process.

Also the ISI warehouse can offer customers a safe and time focused logistics including picking and packing of several different classes of dangerous goods.

The ISI management team and company culture can offer and guarantee you

·  a very dedicated and ISO certified service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

·  we always take the extra step for our customers

·  a philosophy based on cooperation and good working relationships leading to solutions for customers

·  a focus on improving the service based upon a Six Sigma attitude

ISI is committed to safe, temperature sensitive and time-critical distribution of your products: a quality service leading to customer excellence.




Isotopes Services International NV/SA


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Managing director

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Guy Ruthy

Commercial manager

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